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The Banana Fairy Place.. thingy...

How do you document real life when real lifes getting more like fiction each day

Ali da BaFa
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[title of show], action figures, aliens, animation, animorphs, art, avenue q, back to the future, bananas, bat boy, blood loss, blue man group, boy meets world, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, busch gardens, captain jack sparrow, ceramics, charlie chaplin, chicken run, chuck palahniuk, claymation, comics, conan o'brien, costumes, creativity, csi, danny elfman, daydreaming, dick smith, dirty rotten scoundrels, disney, dogs, dr horrible, dreamgirls, dreams, futurama, galaxy quest, gargoyles, ghosts, glitter, greg proops, hairspray, halloween, harry potter, hats, haunted houses, haunted mansion, heroes, hobbits, horror, house, hufflepuff, icons, james franco, jeff goldblum, jewelry, jim henson, larry the cucumber, little shop of horrors, magic, make-up, marvel comics, matchbox twenty, meet the robinsons, men in black, michael j fox, monk, monster makeup, monsters, movie effects, movie scores, muppets, musicals, mutants, mythbusters, nick park, nightcrawler, nightmare before christmas, oingo boingo, orlando, pee-wee's playhouse, pixar, pointed ears, project runway, prosthetics, psych, psychics, puppets, putnam county spelling bee, quotes, reboot, rick baker, roleplaying, roller coasters, runaways, scrubs, sculpting, sesame street, seth green, silly songs with larry, six degrees, special effects, spider-man, stan winston, steampunk, superheroes, sweeney todd, teen titans, the class, the drowsy chaperone, the full monty, the iron giant, the last five years, the lion king, the princess bride, the wedding singer, the wild party, the wizard of oz, theatrical make-up, theme parks, third watch, thirteen ghosts, thrift shops, timon, tony shalhoub, toy story, toys, universal studios, veggie tales, wallace and gromit, walt disney world, wdwcp, werewolves, whose line, wicked, x-men, zoobilee zoo